Some things I've built. More projects on my GitHub page.

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    Chess Scanner

    Python, Keras/TensorFlow, OpenCV

    Very accurate ML model that detects chess positions from board screenshots. Trained on both Lichess and piece sets. Includes a Dockerfile for easy deployment as an API.

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    Python, Keras/TensorFlow

    A tool for upscaling digital comic pages. ESPCN-based upscaler, trained on a custom dataset of digital comics. Includes a denoiser to remove compression artifacts from the upscaled images.

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    Node.js, Express, React, MongoDB, Docker

    A web app for website monitoring. Watchdog can perform periodic checks (visual and text-based) to see if a website has changed. Notifications on changes are sent via e-mail.

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    DCF77 Synchronizer

    TypeScript, React

    A web app that emulates the DCF77 time signal. Can be used to synchronize a radio-controlled clock in the web browser. Uses the fifth harmonic of a 15.5 kHz signal to emulate the signal on regular speakers.